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#16: Introducing the PMM Office Hours Community

Being a product marketer (especially a senior one) is lonely.

If you’re the only PMM at a company, you’re responsible for end to end product marketing with very little support or guidance. Chances are, you probably don’t report to a manager who understands your role.

And, even if you’re on a PMM team of more than one, you’re likely spending your days with product management, marketing, sales and CX colleagues.

At the end of the day, either way you slice it, there’s very little space to empathize, learn and grow. And, since PMM is one of the most misunderstood roles in a business, this can lead to frustration, isolation and burnout.

That’s why I launched the PMM Office Hours Community: a private collective of experienced and strategic product marketers who want to elevate their craft, build accountability, and fill their connection cup.

Founding member spots sold out in March, but I’m opening the door for new members for a limited period of time.

Community registration opens April 3, 2023. I’m opening 25 spots for new members and you (my newsletter subscribers!) are the first to know.

Keep reading to learn more 👇🏻

 Build Connection While You Grow

I speak to dozens of experienced product marketers every month (think Sr PMM and above), and I hear the same challenges repeatedly:

  • “There are hundreds of free resources for PMMs online, but most are built for beginners.”

  • “Existing PMM communities are overrun with entry level PMMs or people who want to transition into PMM. I can’t find anything of value.”

  • “The PMM courses and workshops that are available online only scratch the surface - I am craving deeper and more advanced content.”

  • “Being a PMM leader is lonely.”

The reality is, there isn’t a dedicated space for senior to advanced PMMs - those who have mastered the foundations of the role and are now refining their craft. There certainly isn’t a space for PMM leaders growing teams.

PMM Office Hours aims to address this gap. Here’s what makes it different:

💌 It’s an invite-only private community focused on connecting and supporting experienced product marketers (Sr, Director and VP PMM roles). All new members will be personally vetted by myself based on experience level, areas of expertise, and values alignment. No early stage PMMs or vendors.

👯‍♀️ It’s facilitated by me, an award-winning practicing PMM leader who has traveled the same journey you’re on now. I’m building the community I once dreamed existed. I live and breathe PMM day in and day out, and I’ll be an active member of the community, learning and growing alongside all of you.

✨ It’s focused on quality over quantity. We currently meet twice a month and we make the most of that quality time together. Our conversations are rich, insightful and driven by curiosity. All community members also have access to our centralized hub - where we have chat, DM, live video and more - so you can stay connected all month in between meetups.

Community Details

The PMM Office Hours community is built around three core pillars: Growth, Connection and Accountability. All members get access to:

  • Monthly Office Hours - learning-based sessions taught by a subject matter expert (combo of community members and others).

  • Monthly Happy Hours - casual but intentional connection-based conversations.

  • Accountability Challenges - monthly accountability challenges that will expand into Mastermind Groups.

  • Community Conversations - access to our community space, a centralized hub with chat, DMs, challenges, live video and more.

Our April Office Hours meetup is happening this Thursday, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. We’re covering how (and why) you should integrate PMM and Customer Marketing to amplify your team’s success.

Join the waitlist now to be the first to know when registration opens on Monday and get access to Thursday’s meetup. Once the 25 new member spots are filled, we’ll close registration and go back to a waitlist.

Have any final questions? Hit reply and I’d be happy to chat.