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#20: Two Minute (PMM) Burnout Checkup

Have you ever felt emotionally overwhelmed by the idea of going to work?

Does the thought of planning another launch or managing a challenging stakeholder make you sweat?

Are you feeling less and less excited about a role you previously loved?

If so, you’re not alone. If you’re in a high impact role at a high growth company, you’ve most likely gotten close to the line of burnout (or maybe even passed it).

I’ve hit the point of burnout in the past, and one of the most frustrating parts is the inability to explain why you feel burnt out.

This week, I read an article on Harvard Business Review that made me pause. It was a two-minute burnout checkup that covered 6 key factors leading to burnout.

I found it helpful, and I think you will too.

The Two Minute Burnout Checkup

The takeaway of the HBR article is simple: check in with yourself regularly to avoid burnout. It provides a simple framework to help identify any signs of burnout, and then take action to address it before it’s too late.

Here are six factors that may lead to burnout if they are out of balance:

  • Workload - Sustainability of the amount of work on your plate

  • Values - Whether you connect with your work on a deeper level

  • Reward - Both financial rewards and social rewards

  • Control - The autonomy you have over when, where and how you do your work

  • Fairness - The feeling that you’re treated equitably at work relative to your colleagues

  • Community - Professional relationships that boost engagement

To complete the checkup, rate your level of stress from 0 to 10 for each of these categories and then consider: which categories have the highest levels of stress and what can you do to slowly decrease those stress levels. Chances are, you may have some categories completely out of balance with others.

Here’s a handful of questions you can use to help guide this self-reflection process:

  • Workload - What do you need to excel at right now? What can you say no to in order to create space for you to do your best work on the other project?

  • Values - Do you believe in the mission of your company? Are you being asked to make decisions that go against your value set?

  • Reward - What reward and recognition system motivates you? Does your current reward system make you feel appreciated and valued?

  • Control - Is your level of autonomy commensurate with your skills and seniority? How can you build confidence and buy-in to unlock more autonomy and control?

  • Fairness - Is your work environment fair and equitable? Do you have the power or influence to drive increased fairness, or is there a different company that may be more suitable?

  • Community - How can you create space for more connection in your daily life? Do you have a network of PMMs that give you energy when you need it?

I’ll leave you with one last question: what’s one investment you’re going to make this week to support your physical, emotional and mental health?