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#61: The 5 Podcasts I Have on Repeat

Upgrade your playlist and your playbooks with my go-to shows

This was a big week for me.

In case you missed it, I announced a project that’s been in the works for months — a podcast with my friends Andy and Jason called Ready for Launch (more on that below)!

While developing the concept for the show, we spent a ton of time discussing inspiration and vision. Which podcasts did we each enjoy the most? Did we want to be more educational or entertaining? What format of show would be suited to our style?

All that to say, I listened to A LOT of podcasts. Today, I thought I’d share my research with you so you can benefit from my hours of listening.

After digging into dozens of different podcasts that spanned a variety of marketing topics and show formats, here’s the 5 I now return to time and time again. These are the ones I tune into each week.

Happy listening!

Harvey Lee’s debut book, Backstage Pass, is OUT NOW 🤘

Backstage Pass is a book of career and life lessons wrapped around a true rock and roll tale. It’s been breaking the rules, winning awards, and topping the charts. Everywhere, it’s getting near-perfect reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’ll join Harvey in the story as he shares how he survived and thrived in the cut-throat music industry before joining the corporate world and launching the original Xbox. You’ll learn:

  • How he helped launch the first Xbox

  • Why he used a technology shift to launch a new brand

  • Why companies are their own worst enemy

  • Inspiration for your career!

Part business book, part personal memoir, Backstage Pass is packed with stories and lessons spanning the music, video game, and technology industries, leaving you equipped to embark on an adventure of your own.

Can’t recommend this funny, absorbing pacy — and above all, unique — story enough. - Shindig Magazine (5-star review)

50% Rock and Roll | 50% Business | 100% True

The 5 Podcasts I have on Repeat

Google “marketing podcasts” and you’ll find pages of results. My Spotify account has dozens of downloaded episodes just waiting to be listened to. And yet, I can never seem to get enough of my very favorite shows.

The shows that make me think. That entertain me. And that leave me wanting more. Here’s five that always top the list.

BOSSY with Tara & Katie

  • Host: Tara Reed & Katie Gatti Tassin

  • Topic: Business

  • Format: Conversational

Self-described as “My First Million, but for women”, BOSSY has quickly become my favorite podcast. One host runs a media empire and is a personal finance creator; the other is a tech entrepreneur and Forbes 30 Under 30 winner. Each week, they discuss the business and marketing challenges they’re experiencing, ranging from how to optimize their buying flows to the importance of personal brands.

Fun fact: Andy, Jason and I took inspiration from both My First Million and BOSSY — our new podcast is what they call “conversational”. This means we don’t interview guests, like many shows. Instead, we chat amongst ourselves (and in our case, we compete to pitch the best product launch examples).

Recommended Episodes:

Lenny’s Podcast

  • Host: Lenny Rachitsky

  • Topic: Product & Growth

  • Format: Interview

Lenny Rachitsky is the creator behind the wildly successful Lenny’s Podcast and Lenny’s Newsletter. His content covers advice and frameworks to build, launch and grow products. Part product, part marketing, each episode will leave you with a new idea to try at work or will help you build empathy for your product management counterparts.

Recommended Episodes:

The Marketing Millennials

  • Host: Daniel Murray

  • Topic: Marketing

  • Format: Interview

The Marketing Millennials podcast unpacks the playbooks of some of today’s biggest marketing teams. I love it because the guests are pretty unique and they always share super actionable tips and tactics you can pull into your own marketing campaigns. Plus, it’s hosted by my bestie Daniel Murray, so you know it’s always a good time.

Recommended Episodes:

Positioning with April Dunford

  • Host: April Dunford

  • Topic: Positioning & Messaging

  • Format: Solo (mostly)

April Dunford is THE expert on positioning, so product marketers everywhere were delighted when she launched her own show last year. Her podcast covers the nitty-gritty of positioning products and companies, and is a great companion to her first two books. The majority of episodes feature April going into the details of her frameworks and sharing stories along the way. Expect to go deep, and make sure you have a notebook by your side!

Recommended Episodes:

How I Built This

  • Host: Guy Raz

  • Topic: Business

  • Format: Interview

How I Built This is an oldie but a goodie. Each episode, the host interviews the founders of some of the world’s most popular brands (not just tech products) to learn how they scaled growth. It’s fascinating to see how each company found product market fit and the hurdles they needed to overcome to find a market where they can win. It’s a masterclass in go-to-market strategy.

Recommended Episodes:

Bonus Podcast

Ready for Launch

  • Host: Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Tamara Grominsky & Jason Oakley

  • Topic: Product Launch

  • Format: Conversational

Our new show, Ready for Launch, might just be the most competitive podcast in product marketing. Each episode we compete to find and present the best product launches, in just 7 minutes. We nerd out on our favorite launches we see in the wild and chat about what made them successful so you can apply their strategies too.

The first episode drops February 22 ✨


📺 Playlist: I’m currently watching WeCrashed on AppleTV…I’m behind the times, I know. But it’s a fascinating look at the rise and fall of WeWork (which is timely, since I guess Adam’s trying to buy it back?).

🍕 Snacks: I just discovered this BBQ sauce and my life has been forever changed. Pairs well with late-night launch planning and chicken tacos.

Until next week,


Tamara Grominsky

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